What You Need to Know BEFORE You Start Your Next Diet

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We searched the web for diets that work. We have found some that work well, but there are a number of diets that promise you to drop 10 pounds in 10 days. Some actually do (it’s mostly water weight that your loose). The big question is are the diets safe?

We have pulled together some articles for you to read about different diets. Check out the links under the “Diet Reviews” section. We hope this give you some good information about what diet to choose. This is one of major keys - choose the diet that you can live with and would enjoy the food. If you don’t like the food you won’t last long.

Also, if you tried the diet please add a comment - it helps to have more input about how it works for all different types of people.

Here’s another major key - you’ve already heard it (many times) - you need to eat less than your body burns each day AND you need to exercise.

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  • There are ways to increase how much your body burns:

    Another major key is to remember that you need a diet plan that you can live with your whole life. After your weight loss you’ll want to keep it off. You need to change your eating habits for life.

    The same thing goes for exercise, pick a type of exercise that you enjoy and can do for your whole life. Try different things - walking, swimming, bicycling, aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc. The key is keep doing something.

    The last major key is that dieting is a mental game. If you have the right mental attitude you WILL achieve your goal. If you don’t you will go back to your old habits and weight.

    Don’t forget - check with your doctor BEFORE your start a diet or an exercise program.

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  • Please check out the articles about diets. Also, we will be providing tips for healthier living.

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